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DIAMOND-CUT CARBIDE ROUTER BURRS 0.80mm (.0315") Diameter from Kyocera

DIAMOND-CUT CARBIDE ROUTER BURRS 0.80mm (.0315") Diameter from Kyocera

Part Number: 4100.0315.197

SKU: QB:010393740039837

Manufacturer: Kyocera

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brand Kyocera
cutting diameter 0.0315"
cutting size 0.080mm
diameter 0.0315"
endstyle Fishtail
end type Fishtail
flute length 0.197"
flute style Diamond Cut
length 1.5"
material Solid Carbide
materials drilled Composite Materials, Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, Wood
MPN 4100.0315.197
overall length 1.5"
shank size 0.125"

Description:  Diamond-cut style updraft router burrs are designed for high production and efficient routing/milling for a wide variety of materials.  Made from the highest quality carbide, designed for longer tool life, reliability, and repeatability


Materials:  Applications include milling of glass filled plastics such as fiberglass and FR4, carbon fiber along with some ceramics and woods.

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