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ER16 PRECISION COLLET 1/8" from Techniks

ER16 PRECISION COLLET 1/8" from Techniks

Part Number: 04216-1/8

SKU: 383435763935

Manufacturer: Techniks

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average TIR 0.0002"
brand Techniks
clamping range 0.086 - 0.125"
collet style ER16
cutting diameter 0.125"
MPN 04216-1/8
outside diameter 0.67"
overall length 1.08"


The ER16 spring collet is a precision tool holding system used primarily in milling, drilling, and CNC machining operations. It's flexible design is used to securely hold various sizes of cylindrical shank tools such as end mills, drills, reamers, and taps in place within a milling machine or CNC router.

Constructed with high-quality spring steel, the ER16 collet consists of a cylindrical body with slits along its length and an internal conical shape. This design enables it to compress around the tool when inserted into the collet chuck, providing a strong, uniform grip. The collet's flexibility allows it to accommodate different tool diameters within its specified range, typically from around 1 mm to 10 mm or 1/32" to 3/8".

The ER16 collet system is known for its accuracy, repeatability, and ease of use. Its compatibility with various tool sizes makes it a versatile choice for machining operations, ensuring minimal runout and maximizing precision during cutting processes. The spring collet's efficient clamping mechanism facilitates quick tool changes, enhancing productivity in manufacturing settings.


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