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ER32 PRECISION COLLET 20mm from Techniks

ER32 PRECISION COLLET 20mm from Techniks

Part Number: 04232-20

SKU: 155964070681

Manufacturer: Techniks

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average TIR 0.0002"
brand Techniks
clamping range .7874 - .748"
collet style ER32
cutting diameter 0.7874"
cutting size 20mm
MPN 04232-20
outside diameter 1.3"
overall length 1.575"
shank size 0.7874"


An ER32 spring collet is a type of tool holder used in machining applications, particularly with milling machines or lathes. Here's a description:

ER32 Spring Collet:

  • Design: It's part of the ER (Elastic/Extended Range) collet series, known for its versatility and precision grip.

  • Size: ER32 specifically refers to the size and range of collets. Each collet within this series is designed to hold a specific range of tool diameters.

  • Construction: Made of high-quality spring steel, the collet features slits along its length, allowing it to compress when inserted into the collet holder, securely gripping the cutting tool.

  • Usage: The ER32 spring collet is used to securely hold cylindrical cutting tools, such as drill bits, end mills, reamers, or taps, within a machine's spindle.

  • Precision: Known for its accuracy and ability to maintain a firm grip on the tool, ensuring minimal runout and precise machining operations.

  • Compatibility: Designed for machines or toolholders that utilize ER32 specifications, providing interchangeability and compatibility across various equipment.

  • Applications: Widely used in CNC machining, milling, turning, and other precision machining processes.

These collets are an integral part of machining setups, ensuring proper tool holding, accuracy, and efficiency during operations.

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